Benefits of Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment offers an almost equivalent restoration of a missing tooth or teeth in terms of function, strength, and esthetics. It recovers the natural beauty of the smile, offering the luxury of higher self-esteem and improved lifestyle.
  • Decreases bone loss and gum recession associated with missing teeth.
  • Eliminates the need to grind healthy teeth necessary to produce conventional bridgework.
  • Assists in proper chewing allowing for a healthy and improved diet.
  • Improves speech and supports natural facial contour.
  • Ensures a secure and comfortable fitting denture.

As a periodontist for past ten year, I have tried almost all the implant systems out there. I particularly like Dentium implant system because of its up-to-date design and S.L.A. surface which maximize initial stability and the chance of osseointegration. I also like their side cutting Lindemann drill which makes changing angulation during initial osteotomy effortless.

Dr. Jeffery Chu DDS
Woodside, NY

I was shown the DASK and it proved to be a quite useful alternative therapy for maxillary sinus elevations. This led to an introduction to the SuperLine implant, Osteon II and Collagen Membranes. The SuperLine implants have exceeded my expectations for primary implant stability in immediate extraction cases and marginal bone stability. I have been using it exclusively in my private practice.

Dr. Stephen Wallace DDS
Waterbury, CT

I have been using this system for six years and am very satisfied with it. I like its platform switching design which goes well with bone and soft tissue. I also would like to commend their well-trained sales representatives. Highly recommend.

Dr. Sang Yoon Lee DDS
Beachwood, OH