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2017 Dentium World Symposium in Barcelona: New Wave of Implantology & Digital Dentistry

- Sharing various experiences of world renowned lecturers, the most grand in size and highest of quality

2017 Dentium World Symposium was held in Barcelona, Spain by Dentium ICT Europe GmbH for two days from October 28th to 29th. Under the theme of ‘New Wave of Implantology & Digital Dentistry’, the symposium brought a meaningful chance to share new knowledge and the way to transform from analog to digital with approximately 1,400 participants from 48 countries including many from EU.

On the first day, October 28th (Sat), four different types of hands-on seminars, which can be commonly encountered in clinic, were held: Guided Surgery, Sinus Lifting, Ridge Splitting, and Implant Longevity. By experiencing various products from Dentium, the participants were able to gain confidence in surgeries and in Dentium products.

In the main lecture held on Sun. October 29th, moderator Dr. Myron Nevins, the world-renowned scholar, Prof. Mariano Sanz of European Univ. of Madrid, and Prof. Alfaro of International Univ. of Catalonia gave promising clinical conviction on their result of researches on the Osteon products, synthetic bone.

Dr. Alan Meltzer (USA), Dr. Cristopher Sim (Singapore), and Prof, Uiwon Jung (Yeonsei Univ.) shared the excellence of SuperLine, NR Line, etc. based on various clinical cases and papers.

Dr. Robert Faulkner (USA) suggested clinical application of digital dentistry focused more on guided surgery, and the Simple & Advanced Guide Solution by using the newly developed guided surgery kits by Dentium.

At the exhibition booth, participants were quite satisfied with the opportunities of firsthand experience of Dentium products and the full line-up showcases.

From diagnosis to surgery and prosthesis, the whole process of digital dentistry could be experienced at the digital products booth including rainbow CBCT and various types of CAD/CAM systems. The principal person concerned with Dentium shared that through this symposium Dentium proved itself as a Global leader, being a total solution provider from implants to digital dentistry. He also shared he could feel the expectation of the participants would like to see the academic relay of Dentium at the 2018 Seoul Symposium again next May.

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