Dentium at the 102nd American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California

The 102nd American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California on September 10-13, 2016 was truly a meaningful event for Dentium.

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) is one of the largest organization for periodontists and related dental professionals, with approximately 8,400-member professional worldwide. Over the many years in operation, the AAP has been very consistent with a high (and growing) attendance record for all of their annual meeting. It is no surprise because the events offers sophisticated and comprehensive programs and curriculums to maximize information sharing about dental practices, technology, latest trends and much more.

The event started positively for Dentium with its participation in several main sponsorship sectors. The first one was the Maxillary Sinus Hands-on conducted by Dr. Stephen Wallace, Dr. Ziv Mazor and Dr. Michael Toffler. Their extensive level of experiences in sinus surgery combined with the innovative techniques using the Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit (DASK), left the participants impressed on how simple a complex surgery can be. The second participation was the main podium lecture conducted by Dr. Ziv Mazor on the “Implant Placement in the Low Sinus: Critical Analysis of Available Techniques”. The lecture was very well received by the approximately 500 attendees from various part of the world. The third main sponsorship was the Corporate Forum. This year, Dentium has invited Dr. Alan Meltzer to speak on the topic of “Immediate Placement of Dental Implants: A 25 Year Retrospective on Criteria to Long Term Success”. Dr. Alan Meltzer discussed the immediate placement of implants with and without immediate restoration and reviewed his experience with respect to the immediate replacement of single teeth, short span bridges and full arches. This particular event was a great success as well.

At the Dentium exhibition booth, many visitors expressed enthusiasm and interest at the wide array of products on display by Dentium.  Doctors observed and handled several of these products as well as watched a 3D video presentation on large HD monitors.  Through product demonstrations and presentations, several visitors became more educated with a better understanding of Dentium product achievements documented by “over 10 years of clinical success.”

Through various event sponsorships, product support lectures, and innovative presentations using 3D video and hands-on demonstrations, Dentium clearly demonstrated itself as a key player in the implant industry. Dentium plans to focus even more attention on enhancing its products, leading dental academia, and supporting dental organizations all while providing excellent worldwide patient care.  Dentium will continue to showcase its academic preference with desirable presentations in upcoming tradeshows and events.

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