2017 Dentium World Symposium in Barcelona: New Wave of Implantology & Digital Dentistry

As patient demand on dental implants is growing globally, the importance of aesthetical and stable implant treatment is on the rise day by day. Keeping up with this trend, Dentium, a company specialized in dental implant is holding '2017 Dentium World Symposium in Barcelona ' in Barcelona, Spain for 2 days from this coming October 28th to 29th to provide clinicians with solutions on user convenience in installation and prosthetics.

This symposium which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, one of the centers of the world dentistry, is expected to be an open academic field attended by the world's greatest scholars under the theme ' Bridge between Application of Implantology and New Wave of Dentistry’.

Also, it is expected that the attendance of first-class dental colleges such as UIC (Universidad Internacional de Catalunya) and UCM (Complutense University of Madrid) in Spain will feel the event hall of CCIB (Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona) with academic enthusiasm.

2017 Dentium World Symposium in Barcelona, unlike other symposiums, has been projected with the intention of providing both academic needs and trends of the users by selecting 'The combination of practical implantology and digital dentistry' as the title of the symposium, focusing on long-term view and user's needs.

As main speakers, Dr. Myron Nevins and Dr. Allan Meltzer will give lectures, and other distinguished speakers will share their know-hows that they have built through their lectures generously.

Dentium officials said that this symposium would be a useful and informative occasion where each participant from different areas could grow together, since approximately 1,100 worldwide dentists and dental experts will be participating. They also said that great responses by the participants are expected since they put very much effort preparing for the symposium.

Not only the composition of the lecture, but the direction on 'One-day solution' will be suggested through exhibition and demonstration of Mill Series which represents Dentium's digital dentistry, Rainbow CBCT which is a new product for providing solutions on clinical stage, Rainbow Scanner Prime of which precision degree is high for providing the solutions after impression etc. After the main lectures, various events such as dinner party will be held, and participant satisfaction is expected since the field of mutual communication and harmony will be provided.

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