2016 Dentium World Forum in Sydney: Predictable Surgical Solution of Dentium

In the past several years, Dentium has received much attention and positive feedback for its Dentium World Forum. To continue to meet the popular demands of our customers, Dentium has organized another exciting and edifying World Forum in Sydney, Australia. The event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney (Grand Ballroom). For this particular event, Dentium has invited ten renowned key opinion leaders to speak about this year’s main theme, “Predictable Surgical Solution of Dentium”. To create a truly academic experience, the event will be divided into 3 sessions: Main Podium Lecture, Hands-on Lecture and Special Lecture Session.

The main podium lecturers include: Dr. Myron Nevins (Topic: Biologics & Clinical Factors to Consider for the Implant Treatment Plan), Dr. Peter Mansour (Topic: Beauty is Only Gum Deep But Complication is Clean to the Bone), Dr. Christopher Sim (Topic: Narrow Ridge Implant (NR Line): A Novel Approach to Dental Implant Placement in Thin Ridges), Dr. Sung-Min Chung (Topic: Practical Approaches in Tissue Augmentation - Clinical Case Presentation with Videos & Photos), Dr. David Kim (Topic: A Simplified Approach to Guided Bone Regeneration), and Dr. Lincoln Harris (Topic: Fatal Optimism - How to Recover Soft/Hard Tissue Augmentation Failures). Through the presentations by these top experts in the dental implant field, the participants will achieve an understanding of the diverse surgical techniques in overcoming complicated and compromised situations as well as how to effectively pursue soft/hard tissue management.

In addition to the main podium lectures, there will be a hands-on session conducted by Dr. Charles Lim and Professor Zhen Tan, who will speak about the efficiency and efficacy of the DASK instruments during crestal and lateral sinus surgeries. They will also cover the usage of regenerative materials for optimal clinical outcome.

Lastly, there will be a special lecture session presented by Dr. Kenneth Lee (Topic: Combined Implant and Orthodontic Treatment – A Marriage Made in Heaven) and Dr. Myles Holt (Topic: The Dento-Facial Use of Hyaluronic Acid Based Dermal Fillers). This session will provide to the participants the extended horizon of the dental implant therapy arena.

The Dentium World Forum in Sydney will be an amazing discourse for the participants to gain a wealth of knowledge to improve patient care and enrich dental implant practices. Furthermore, it will be a great opportunity to see and experience the great diversity of products Dentium has to offer.

View Video: 2016 Dentium World Forum in Sydney

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