2016 Dentium World Forum in Phuket: Tissue Augmentation & Digital Dentistry

A global leader in the dental implant industry, Dentium Co., Ltd., is proud to announce another episode of a scientific and edifying dental event in 2016: the Dentium World Forum in Phuket, Thailand. This exciting event will be held on Saturday, December 17, 2016 at the famous Hilton Arcadia Phuket Resort.

Many clinicians around the world are showing much interest in this particular event, because Dentium has invited two globally-renowned speakers, Professor Mariano Sanz and Dr. Alan Meltzer, to speak about this Forum’s main theme: Tissue Augmentation & Digital Dentistry. There will be four additional speakers (Dr. Sung-Min Chung, Dr. Somchai Sessirisombat, Professor Sung-Hun Kim, and Dr. Hyun-Ki Roh) to add greater value to this academic event.

The six experts will share their knowledge and insights on the direction the industry is heading towards in terms of Tissue Augmentation & Digital Dentistry. They will identify the latest technology available on the market and present the advantages of the changing differences to modern day implant dentistry.

To further enrich this experience, Dentium is planning on showcasing many of its new innovations and products developed over the years. There will also be a demonstration zone so that the clinicians may personally experience handling those products. Dentium representative will be available onsite to explain how these products will benefit dental practices.

The Dentium World Forum in Phuket is drawing a significant amount of attention from the clinicians around the world. Dentium is expecting a very positive outcome with the combination of fantastic presentations by prominent speakers and the latest, state-of-the-art Dentium product showcase.

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